Emily Gowers

Emily Gowers | Editorial Director

From smuggling her latest library book into class and reading it behind a comedically large French textbook, to reading under the covers with a torch when she was supposed to be asleep, Emily Gowers has always been a bookworm. So imagine her delight when in 2015 she graduated to reading and editing for a living.

She has a passion for all commercial fiction, from crime and thriller to historical to women’s fiction, and has edited and published numerous Kindle and Audible chart bestsellers. She loves nothing more than finding innovative ways to help authors reach their career goals and seeing their storytelling, confidence, readership, reviews and sales grow.

Emily lives in the midlands and loves hiking (though she is no longer trusted to read the maps), travelling (but not packing), and providing a warm lap for her cuddly ginger cat.

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“Emily Gowers picked my first book out of the slush pile and decided to take a chance on me. Her friendship, editorial advice, flexibility and encouragement have guided me every step of the way, and made this entire journey not only possible, but one of the best of my life.”

Alys Murray

Women’s fiction author