Naomi Knox

Naomi Knox | Editorial Assistant

Reading, writing and storytelling have always been great passions for Naomi. At the age of 9 years old, she had her first piece of poetry published and writing still remains a massive part of her life today. After graduating with a degree in Acting in 2017, Naomi has worked as a freelance actor, writer and workshop facilitator. With a background in acting, Naomi has a unique outlook on storytelling, believing that nuanced characters with gripping journeys make incredible writing.

Naomi has dreamed of a career in publishing, desiring to be part of the industry that gave her the books she fell in love with and created a place of solace for her. She particularly enjoys reading women’s fiction centred around diverse characters and engrossing psychological thrillers. Naomi is fascinated by the digital age and believes that although connecting with books may look slightly different now, it is still just as important.

In her spare time, Naomi enjoys going for walks while listening to podcasts, listening to and learning music, watching cooking programmes and trying out new dishes (cooking and eating).