Sam Edenborough

Sam Edenborough | Rights Director (Greyhound Literary)

Sam Edenborough began his career at literary agency A.M. Heath, then moved to Andrew Nurnberg Associates where he started selling translation rights. For twenty years he worked at ILA, a specialist translation rights agency, where he sold rights for a wide range of English-language authors, including many prize winners and global bestsellers.

In January 2022 Sam joined Greyhound Literary as co-owner and Rights Director. There he sells translation rights for the agency’s authors and selected external clients, including Storm. He served as President of the Association of Authors’ Agents from 2014 to 2016. Sam is passionate about placing writers’ work with the widest variety of translation publishers possible. He helps Storm’s authors to build their profiles and sales outside the English language so that their books can bring pleasure and inspiration to an ever-increasing range of readers around the world.

Sam is a keen musician, playing tenor sax with various bands, and enjoys cooking for his family, video games, and cycling. He lives in London.