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Kathryn Taussig | Publisher

Kathryn Taussig has more than a decade’s experience working on fiction and has published books across every genre from crime thriller to historical fiction to fantasy. Her authors have repeatedly hit the top-ten in the US, UK and Australian kindle charts and seen their books become bestsellers in ebook, audio and paperback.

Kathryn is driven to help authors hone their stories to reach their maximum sales potential. There’s nothing like getting a book into thousands of readers’ hands – and so allowing the author to make a good living from doing what they love most. She believes that book publishing should be dynamic and forward-looking, embracing diversity and cutting-edge technology to knock down the walls that have made it inaccessible to so many in the past.

Kathryn is originally from California, but has lived in the UK for many years. She loves cats, gardening, property shows, country walks and basically anything your elderly grandmother might enjoy.

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“Kathryn was the first editor I ever worked with and she has set the bar. She’s an intuitive editor who really gets what a writer is trying to achieve and is able to help them do it. She is clever, funny and incisive – and makes editing an actual pleasure. Her professionalism and passion make her a joy to work with and someone I trust absolutely.”

Tracy Rees

Bestselling women’s fiction author.

Authors previously published by Kathryn

Rachel Abbott

Tracy Rees

Lizzie Page

Jill Childs

Lucy Dawson

“I loved working with Kathryn and was so impressed by her professionalism and helpfulness throughout!”

Rachel Abbott

Bestselling crime author with over 3 million copies sold.