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Ola has spent the last 15 years delivering global events for her clients, giving her more material on human behaviour ‘when nobody is watching’ than she can exhaust.

She spends most of her time observing the symbiotic relationship between the joys and inadequacies of life while stuffing her face with cookies and laughing at the most inappropriate things a little too loudly.

Her favourite things are her loving daughter, her long-suffering husband, falling asleep in hot yoga and having maybe too many glasses of wine with her gossipy friends.

She lives in South West London, and dreams of living elsewhere. All the time. She may have cried at the boarding pass history in her digital wallet during the pandemic. There is no way to confirm or refute that claim.

Ola is a member of the Society of Authors and an emerging author.

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Roommates by Ola Tundun
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Complicated by Ola Tundun
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