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Rebecca de Winter has two kids, works in corporate, and lives in suburbia. Her favourite movie is Thelma & Louise. She has ADHD, is deaf, synaesthetic and left-handed. She sometimes rock climbs. She loves weights and hates running.

Her first word was book and as a child she wanted to be both an author and Madonna’s back-up dancer. Her short stories and flash fiction have been published online. She’s also been a finalist in several national novel writing competitions. She’s obsessed with dark, messy, complex, female protagonists – real women. They could be your colleague, your BFF, your wife, or mother, or girlfriend. They can be anything except cookie cutter… unless they are also a serial killer. She loves to write stories about the secrets people keep, the masks they wear – and what happens when their true selves are revealed. She also loves to show you why people do the terrible things they do. Or sometimes, leave you guessing.

Books she’s loved are Girl A, Notes on an Execution, The Marsh King’s Daughter, Strange Sally Diamond, The Push, The Family Upstairs, The It Girl and of course, Gone Girl.

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