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S.A. Falk has been captivated by the criminal mind since he was a teenager. After reading The Silence of the Lambs, Two of a Kind: The Hillside Strangler, and The Search for the Green River Killer in high school, Falk decided to pursue a career in correctional psychiatry.

From 2007 to 2012, Falk studied Psychology, Neuroscience, and Criminology. During this time, he not only studied serial killers and their pathologies, but he also studied the anatomy and physiology of mental illness. To further gain experience in the field, Falk worked as a mental health counselor at a residential treatment facility for children who were victims of physical and/or sexual abuse. This experience inspired him to redirect the focus of his career and pursue work with young people.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Neuroscience, Falk wanted to combine his passion for counseling children with his long-time love of literature by becoming a high school English teacher. He continued his education and received a Master’s degree in Secondary Education in 2015. For the last eight years, he has taught high school English, becoming an expert on American and British literature.

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