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Sophie Williamson writes adult speculative fiction with a heavy side order of romance, generally involving some combination of morally ambiguous protagonists; villainous love interests; unreliable narrators; scheming, complex family dynamics; and big twists.

She grew up in the north of England and now lives in London with her husband and their pre-school daughter and baby son. She studied history at Oxford University (she still loves the three Rs: Renaissance, Restoration, and Regency), then went to law school and qualified as a barrister. She now works for the UK Government. Her writing often draws on her knowledge and experience of history, law, and politics.

Sophie loves reading as wide a variety of fiction as possible, though again fantasy of all kinds tends to be her favourite. She also enjoys reviewing novels and is an Amazon top 1000 reviewer and an enthusiastic NetGalley participant. Books aside, she’s fanatical about home exercise (mainly weights and yoga) and also about cooking – the two things just about balance each other out! She’s also a big fan of football (aka “soccer”) and indie/rock music.

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The Twisted Mark by Sophie Williamson
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The Binding Mark by Sophie Williamson
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