We’re thrilled that Editorial Director Emily Gowers has acquired World English Language rights from Emily Glenister of DHH Literary, for three novels from debut author Ola Tundun. Following the messy, chaotic lives of Ariella, Caleb and their extended family and friends, the first part of this powerful, modern love story will be released in September 2023.

Ola says,

“I started this journey writing a book that I knew I would enjoy reading, because being a published author was a dream I never dared to have. Not many things make me feel more fulfilled than creating spaces for characters to be themselves, but getting the absolute privilege to share my writing with readers feels incredible. Emily Glenister’s kindness, brilliance, wit and unrelenting support as my Fairy God Agent lit the way to a dynamic home at Storm Publishing where I have the pleasure of working with Emily Gowers. I’m excited to work with a passionate editor who not only believes in the characters and story; but is always an effervescent vessel of ideas, knowledge, positivity and experience. I’m thrilled to be able to call myself an author, but what I am really looking forward to, is engaging with communities of readers, discussing my writing with audiences hoping to connect, and the brand new, unexpected adventure, this opportunity brings.”

Gowers says,

“I have to pinch myself that I’m working with Ola and Emily on these incredible stories. The characters Ola has created are so deeply real and relatable, and from page one I was completely absorbed in their turbulent lives. Ola has a gift for lighting up the darkest times with humour and hope, and I know that readers are going to fall hard for Ariella and Caleb and this intense and beautiful love story.”

Glenister says,

“From the very moment that Ola and I sat down with Emily, it was clear as day that she was the perfect editor for The Chaos of Us. Her passion and vision for the book were unparalleled. As for it being Ola’s debut novel, I couldn’t be prouder to represent this sickeningly talented author’s work; she manages to balance pathos with laugh-out-loud moments, and this story is full of genuine heart and joy (much like the author herself). You can’t help but fall in love with Ariella and Caleb.”

For more information on Ola Tundun, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, or visit her at her website.

Oliver Rhodes

Storm Managing Director

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